Feasibility of the Translating Innovations into Practice-toolbox (TIP-toolbox): A mixed-methods study for implementing activity innovations in nursing homes

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This mixed-methods study evaluated the feasibility of the Translating Innovations into Practice (TIP)-toolbox. This toolbox guided nursing staff in 6 practical steps in developing a structured and tailored implementation plan to sustainably implement an innovation. For 9 weeks, 12 registered nurses (RNs) at 3 nursing homes in the Netherlands used the TIP-toolbox to develop an implementation plan related to promoting functional activity among nursing home residents. Data were collected by questionnaires, telephone interviews, participant observations, and focus group interviews. The RNs conducted most steps according to the plan. The main hampering and facilitating factors were a lack of support and collaboration. Most RNs were satisfied with the TIP-toolbox, but some considered it somewhat complex. To increase satisfaction and reduce the toolbox's complexity, the participants made suggestions for improvements. The findings of this study indicate that the TIP-toolbox was feasible and supported nursing staff in developing an implementation plan, although minor adaptations are needed.

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