Hearing loss education for older adults in primary care clinics: Benefits of a concise educational brochure

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Hearing loss, common in older adults, is associated with negative health outcomes but screening rates in primary care clinics are low and individuals screened or referred often do not follow-through. To address these problems, we worked with 2 primary care clinics to design a simple screening and education protocol for integration into a standard office visit. To assess the effectiveness on the education brochure that was developed, we assessed its impact on individuals age 60 or older who screened positive for possible hearing loss. Ninety-four of 125 screened positive. Seventy-one agreed to participate and were given a brochure along with a brief review of the materials it contained. Of 67 completing follow-up, 23 (34%) sought further testing and 47 (70%) had used the information to enhance communication. A simple educational brochure accompanied by a brief review of its contents may enhance effective use of hearing healthcare services. (147).

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