Testing the reliability and validity of a Transition Map for older adults in long term care settings

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Mapping individual patterns of decline in older adults may aid coordinating long term aged care. This study developed a new scale (Transition Maps) to summarise the overall care pathway for long term aged care residents, in a simplified manner incorporating mapping concepts. Transition Maps were developed using mixed methods in two phases, and based on expert opinion, literature review, and input from aged care health professionals. Four professions (primary physician, nurse, allied health, lifestyle services) generated 147 Transition Maps for 38 residents living in a long term care. Preliminary construct validity and inter-rated reliability were evaluated. Results showed that Inter-rater reliability of agreement with the overall care pathway for each resident was kappa = 0.492. Consensus was lowest between nurse care managers and primary physicians (kappa = 0.384), and highest between nurse managers and Lifestyle Services (kappa = 0.77). Preliminary testing of the Transition Map scale provides initial support of construct validity and inter-rater reliability and provides some evidence that Transition Maps can improve the coordination of long term aged care.

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