INFOSA intervention for caregivers of the elderly, an experimental study

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An experimental study was carried out in a geriatric hospital unit (pre-discharge at home) with repeated observations taken at baseline, on study completion and six months post-intervention to analyze the impact of a psychoeducational intervention INFOSA addressed to caregivers who support dependent elderly people, on burden, psychological distress and perceived support. Univariate regression models showed that the participants in the experimental group had less burden (OR 35, IC 95% 7.47–163.99) and emotional distress (OR 149.5, IC 95% 15. 57–1435.52) than participants in the control group. Odds ratios effect were statistically significant at post-test and six-month follow-up. The INFOSA intervention reduced burden and emotional distress and enhanced caregivers' perceived social support in the short-term, suggesting that applying the intervention for an extended period could maintain the positive effect in the long-term.

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