A growing need – HIV education in long-term care

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As people living with HIV (PLHIV) age, knowledge of HIV and the associated care of those aging with HIV will become an increasingly important component of education for long-term care (LTC) providers. This descriptive study piloted two different approaches to distribute narrative-based HIV educational videos. Four LTC facilities were assigned to receive the videos to implement ‘as usual’ or to receive the videos in addition to blended learning sessions where the videos were shown with facilitated discussion with a nurse educator and a PLHIV. In LTC facilities where external educators were provided, a larger proportion of staff watched the videos. However, increases in staff comfort level providing care to PLHIV were comparable between both groups. Narratives of PLHIV, administrator engagement and coordination of online education were identified as facilitators to improving HIV knowledge and compassion in LTC, while fear of HIV transmission and limited time for education, especially when not mandated or identified as immediately applicable, were identified as barriers. From our findings, HIV-related stigma still exists in LTC and these videos may be a strategy for disseminating basic knowledge about HIV transmission and sensitizing staff to the experience of living with HIV.

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