Changes of geriatric syndromes in older adults survived from Intensive Care Unit

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Nearly 90% of the older adult patients discharged from hospital with a cluster of geriatric syndromes. The patterns of geriatric syndromes in older adult ICU survivors are to be further explored. The aim of this study was to examine the risk factors and patterns of geriatric syndromes among older adult patients before admitting to ICU and throughout their hospitalization.

A total of 137 older adult patients (age 76.9 ± 6.6; 52.6% male) participated in the study. The results showed significant increase in the occurrence of geriatric syndromes from T0 (upon ICU admission) to T1 (transition to inpatient care unit), with improvement at T2 (hospital discharge), but did not return to the baseline. The three most prevalent geriatric syndromes were: functional decline, urination incontinence, and defecation incontinence. Polypharmacy was associated with functioning decline. Patients with delirium were six times more likely to be re-admitted to ICU.

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