Creating a conceptual model for family caregivers of older adults intervention research: A narrative review of learned resourcefulness, resourcefulness, and the transtheoretical model

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Providing and maintaining optimal care is challenging for older family caregivers who are caring for disabled older adults. Learned Resourcefulness can facilitate family caregivers' self-help strategies, and Resourcefulness can facilitate help-seeking from others. However, little is known about how older family caregivers can effectively maintain and adapt self-help and help-seeking strategies over time, especially as the dynamic nature of caregiving for disabled older adults demands change. To this end, the Transtheoretical model (TTM) provides useful constructs that address family caregivers' readiness to change their self-help and help-seeking behaviors. This paper reviews relevant literature regarding Learned Resourcefulness, Resourcefulness, and the TTM. The proposed conceptual model incorporates constructs from the TTM integrated with Learned Resourcefulness and Resourcefulness strategies to aid in the development and testing of interventions that are designed to promote the quality of life and health of older family caregivers while they are providing care to disabled older adults.

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