Denture-related stomatitis managed with tissue conditioner and hard autopolymerising reline material

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To compare the response of denture-related stomatitis (DS) under management with a tissue conditioner (TC) and autopolymerising hard reline material (AHRM).

Background data:

Denture-related stomatitis affects up to 75% of denture wearers; not wearing the denture at night, using TC or prescribing topical or systemic antifungal agents could reduce its incidence.

Materials and methods:

This was a double-blind study consisting of 44 participants with DS who wear denture; they were randomly divided into two unmatched groups according to the material used for the management of DS. The TC was replaced weekly, and the AHRM was placed at the beginning of the study and was not changed for 4 weeks. A dentist performed an initial and a weekly clinical diagnosis for DS; the clinical situation was recorded by means of photographs for each week.


Both TC and AHRM were effective in the management of DS. Significant differences were found in the DS resolution time (p < 0.001), taking longer for the TC.


Both the tissue conditioner and AHRM are effective for the management of DS, but AHRM requires less time for recovery and as a result fewer appointments are required for the patient.

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