Oral rehabilitation of severely worn dentition using an overlay for immediate re-establishment of occlusal vertical dimension

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The aim of this study was to describe the treatment used in an elderly patient presenting with bruxism and dental erosion, with good gingival health and bone support, but with decreased occlusal vertical dimension (OVD). The oral rehabilitation of elderly patients presenting with bruxism in association with tooth erosion has been a great challenge for dentists. The loss of OVD, the presence of occlusal instability and the absence of an effective anterior guide due excessive dental wear, can damage stomatognathic system (SS) biology, the function and the aesthetics. In the first treatment stage, an overlay removable partial denture (ORPD) was fabricated for the immediate re-establishment of function and aesthetics. After a 2-month follow up, with the patient presenting no symptoms, a second rehabilitation stage was accomplished, with fixed and removable prostheses. Oral rehabilitation with an ORPD was able to re-establish the SS biology, but a correct diagnosis and treatment plan are essential for success. The ORPD is a non-invasive and reversible restoring modality for general dentists that allow the re-establishment of the patient’s immediate aesthetics and function at low cost.

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