Prevalence of torus mandibularis among a group of elderly Japanese and its relationship with occlusal force

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To examine the prevalence of torus mandibularis (TM) and identify clinical factors associated with its presence.

Materials and methods:

A total of 664 Japanese adults over age 60 were studied by means of a questionnaire and clinical examination.


In all, 197 subjects (29.7%) had TM. We found a significant association between the presence of TM and torus palatinus (TP; 45.1% vs. 26.5%, p < 0.001). Moreover, occlusal force with TM was significantly higher than without TM (p < 0.05). Logistic regression adjusted for age and occlusal force revealed a significant relationship between TM and occlusal force and TP [p = 0.005, odds ratio (OR) = 2.44; p < 0.001, OR = 2.66, respectively].


This study suggests that there is a relationship between TM and factors related to occlusal factor.

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