Reactive osteocartilaginous metaplasia in denture wearers: a rare trauma-related lesion

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To present a case of reactive osteocartilaginous metaplasia (ROCM) in the anterior edentulous mandibular ridge.


The ROCM secondary to chronic mechanical denture trauma is rare and appears as a focal sometimes painful mass on or near the crest of the edentulous alveolar ridge in long-term denture wearers. The literature review disclosed 24 cases involving more commonly the posterior portion of the mandible.

Materials and methods:

An 80-year-old female was referred for the evaluation of a painful, submucosal nodule extending into the vestibular mucosa of the anterior edentulous mandibular region. Microscopically, cartilaginous regions exhibiting sparse hyperchromatic or binucleated chondrocytes transitioned into areas of ossification.


The diagnosis was ROCM. The presence of osteocartilaginous tissue displaying bizarre histopathological features can create a diagnostic dilemma.


Complete conservative surgical excision of this lesion has a very good prognosis. Surgical augmentation of the sharp edentulous mandibular ridges might be needed to avoid continuous irritation and possible recurrence.

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