Ca-channel blocker-induced gingival overgrowth that improved with non-surgical therapy during visiting care: a case report

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To present a case of gingival overgrowth during visiting care.


Ca-channel blocker-induced gingival overgrowth is a well-known adverse event. However, only limited information on the treatment of calcium-channel blocker-induced gingival overgrowth during visiting care has been reported.

Clinical report:

The patient was an 88-year-old female living in a nursing home since dementia. She had been taking a calcium-channel blocker and observed gingival overgrowth. Initial therapy was performed and changed the antihypertensive medication from a calcium-channel blocker to an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. After initial therapy, the gingival overgrowth improved significantly. In addition, the defecation rate was improved.


This case indicated that periodontal therapy is useful even for dementia patients during visiting dental care.

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