Validation of the Spanish version of the oral health impact profile to assess an association between quality of life and oral health of elderly Chileans

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Objective:To validate the Spanish version of the OHIP-49 among elderly population.Background:Oral health, as a predictor of quality of life, can be evaluated using validated instruments. One of the most commonly used instruments worldwide is the Oral Health Impact Profile-49 (OHIP-49). This instrument has not yet been validated in Chilean older adults.Materials and methods:Interviews and clinical exams were performed in a convenience sample of eighty-five elderly participants aged 60 or more years (mean 69.02 ± 7.82 years). Socio-demographic and clinical variables were analysed: number of teeth, caries, periodontal and prosthetic treatment needs and prosthetic functionality.Results:High internal consistency values were obtained for both the OHIP-49 Sp instrument (0.990) and all of its dimensions (0.875–0.995). The average score of the OHIP-49 Sp was 62.54 ± 43.73. Significantly higher OHIP-49 Sp scores were observed in participants with caries (p = 0.01), in those needing complex periodontal treatment (p = 0.0001) and those in need of dental prostheses (p ≤ 0.0001).Conclusion:The OHIP-49 Sp proved to be a valid tool to assess oral health-related quality of life, when tested in Chilean older adults.

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