Association of ATG16L1 and IRGM genes polymorphisms with inflammatory bowel disease: a meta-analysis approach

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The aim of this study was to determine the role of the ATG16L1 (rs2241880) and IRGM (rs13361189 and rs4958847) genes polymorphism in Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). Our study included 557 CD and 425 UC patients and 672 ethnically matched Spanish controls and a meta-analysis with the data published to date. The polymorphisms were genotyped using predesigned TaqMan single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping assays. There was a statistically significant difference in the distribution of the ATG16L1 rs2241880 G allele between CD patients and controls in the Spanish population: P=6.5 × 10−9, odds ratio (OR)=1.62. Although no differences were observed between UC patients and controls in the Spanish cohort, a meta-analysis demonstrated that the ATG16L1 G allele increase significantly risk for UC (P=0.0003, pooled OR=1.08). In addition, our meta-analysis data showed that IRGM rs13361189 and rs4958847 polymorphisms were associated with CD (rs13361189 C allele P=1.07 × 10−19, pooled OR=1.34; rs4958847 A allele P=2.78 × 10−17, pooled OR=1.31) and UC (rs13361189 P=0.0069, pooled OR=1.16; rs4958847 P=0.014, pooled OR=1.13). In conclusion, our results confirm the ATG16L1 rs2241880 and IRGM rs13361189 and rs4958847 polymorphisms as important markers for CD susceptibility and indicate that these variants are also associated with UC.

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