CD58 mutations are common in Hodgkin lymphoma cell lines and loss of CD58 expression in tumor cells occurs in Hodgkin lymphoma patients who relapse

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CD58 is involved in immune recognition of tumor cells via binding of the CD2 receptor expressed on cytotoxic T cells. In diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, mutations of the CD58 gene are reported to contribute to immune evasion of the tumor cells. We previously showed CD58 mutations in three Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) cell lines by whole-exome sequencing. In this study, we confirmed the mutations by Sanger sequencing at the DNA and RNA level and showed low levels or total loss of CD58 mRNA expression in two of the three cell lines. CD58 protein expression as determined by flow cytometry, western blotting and immunohistochemistry was absent in all three mutated HL cell lines. In primary tissue samples, loss of CD58 expression was observed in 11% of the patients who relapse. These data suggest that loss of CD58 is a potential immune escape mechanism of HL tumor cells, especially in clinically aggressive disease.

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