A Critical Discussion of the Rates of Progression and Causes of Optic Nerve Damage in Glaucoma: International Glaucoma Think Tank II: July 25-26, 2008, Florence, Italy

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The International Glaucoma Think Tank II brought together glaucoma clinicians and researchers from all over the world to discuss current practices in glaucoma diagnosis and management, and the neurobiology of glaucoma. The meeting focused on several themes, including rates of deterioration in glaucoma patients, mechanisms of optic nerve damage, and implications for treatment. Issues such as how to measure and integrate progression information into clinical practice, screening protocols, or trials were discussed, as were promising new technologies and limitations of currently available measurement tools. Clinical applications for genetic testing were considered. Study of the neurobiology of glaucoma continues to inform our understanding of underlying degenerative processes, as well as to introduce possibilities for early detection or prevention. Many questions regarding glaucoma pathophysiology and best treatment practices remain unanswered, but with continued research and discussion, we will advance our understanding of this disease and ensure that patients receive optimal care.

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