Descemet Membrane Detachment After Canaloplasty: Incidence and Management

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Purpose:To report the incidence and management of Descemet membrane detachment (DMD) after canaloplasty.Methods:Review of all patients who developed DMD after canaloplasty at Tulane Glaucoma Services was performed. Visual acuity, intraocular pressure, and number of glaucoma medications up to 1 year of follow-up were included in the analysis.Results:The incidence of DMD was 7.4% (12 eyes of 162). Eighty-three percent (10/12) of the DMDs involved the inferior quadrants and measured <3 mm. Intracorneal hemorrhage within DMD occurred in 58% (7/12), whereas 42% (5/12) developed DMD with intracorneal viscoelastic (Healon GV) alone. Two patients had large detachments measuring 5 to 6 mm extending into the visual axis. DMD resolved completely with or without drainage except for 1 patient who developed corneal decompensation, needing penetrating keratoplasty.Conclusions:DMD with or without intracorneal hemorrhage is not an infrequent complication of canaloplasty and can occasionally lead to corneal decompensation.

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