Acute Primary Angle Closure in the Fellow Eye as a Complication of Facedown Position After Vitrectomy Surgery

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Purpose:To report a case of acute primary angle closure that developed in the fellow eye rapidly after facedown position after vitrectomy surgery.Patients and Methods:A 66-year-old female developed acute primary angle closure in the fellow eye approximately 1.5 hours after facedown position after vitrectomy surgery for macular hole.Results:The intraocular pressure was controlled after treatment that included halting the facedown position, intravenous mannitol injection, and topical pilocarpine instillation. Facedown position was continued after laser peripheral iridotomy was performed. The intraocular pressure was controlled within normal range even after pilocarpine was withdrawn.Conclusions:Although rare, the potential risk of acute-angle closure should be explicitly explained to patients being considered for facedown position after vitrectomy. Prophylactic intervention, such as laser peripheral iridotomy, could be considered for anatomically predisposed eyes.

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