Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cyclodialysis Cleft Before and After Cyclopexy

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Purpose:To report the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearance of a man with chronic hypotony caused by unexplained cyclodialysis clefts and the change after laser photocoagulation.Methods:A 19-year-old man with hypotonous maculopathy caused by cyclodialysis clefts in the right eye presented to our institution. The etiology and time of onset of the cyclodialysis clefts were obscure, and a MRI was performed to assess the possibility of compressive optic neuropathy.Results:MRI of the right eye showed a relative decrease in globe volume and diffuse enhancement of the ocular wall compared with the left eye. Conservative management showed no further improvement, and the patient underwent laser photocoagulation within the cyclodialysis clefts. During the 9-month follow-up period, both functional and anatomic reversal and an increase in total globe volume were observed, and the enhancement of the ocular wall was resolved.Conclusions:This case demonstrates the specific magnetic resonance appearance of hypotony status caused by a cyclodialysis cleft and the change after laser photocoagulation cyclopexy.

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