Multiple Myeloma-Associated Amyloidoma of the Sacrum: Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Study Design

Case report.


With only two previously reported cases, localized amyloidosis of the sacrum is extremely rare. Here we report a 64-year-old woman with a large osteolytic lesion accompanied by weakness and paresthesia of the right leg and difficulties in bladder control.


Fine needle biopsy and standard staging procedures revealed a primary solitary amyloidoma that was treated with intralesional resection, lumbopelvic stabilization, and consolidation radiotherapy.


Clinical follow-up revealed the diagnosis of multiple myeloma 9 months after initial treatment. At 12 months, no local recurrence has occurred, the neurologic symptoms have resolved, and the systemic disease is in remission.


Intralesional resection with adjuvant radiotherapy of the amyloidoma achieved good local tumor control with limited morbidity.

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