Significance of each of three missense mutations, G484A, G667A, and G808A, present in an inactive allele of the human Lewis gene (FUT3) for α(1,3/1,4)fucosyltransferase inactivation

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Recently, we found three novel missense mutations, G484A (Asp162Asn), G667A (Gly223Arg), and G808A (Val270Met), present in a Lewis-negative allele (le484,667,808) from an African (Xhosa) population. To define the relative contribution of each of the three mutations in the le484,667,808 allele for inactivation of the FUT3-encoded enzyme, we made chimeric FUT3 containing each of the three mutations. A transient expression study indicated that COS7 cells transfected with the FUT3 construct containing the G484A mutation expressed the Lewis antigen and had about 20% enzyme activity as compared with COS7 cells transfected with the wild type FUT3 allele, whereas COS7 cells transfected with the FUT3 construct containing either the G667A mutation or the G808A mutation did not express the Lewis antigen and showed no detectable α(1,3/1,4)fucosyltransferase activity. These results suggest that the G667A and/or the G808A missense mutations of FUT3 alleles are responsible for the inactivation of the FUT3-encoded enzyme.

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