19F NMR Study of the Anion Mobility in Tin Fluorozirconate Glasses of SnF2–ZrF4–LiF and SnF2–ZrF4(HfF4)–SbF3 Systems

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The influence of the concentration of lithium and antimony(III) fluorides on the ion mobility in the fluoride subsystem of tin fluorozirconate glasses is investigated by 19F NMR spectroscopy in the temperature range 180–450 K. The types of ion motions are determined, and their activation energies are estimated. It is revealed that the introduction of antimony trifluoride into the composition of tin fluorozirconate glass leads to a decrease in the temperature of defreezing the diffusion of fluorine ions. By contrast, the presence of lithium fluoride hinders diffusion processes in the fluoride subsystem.

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