Analysis of genetic relationships among Turkish cultivars and breeding lines of Lens culinatis Mestile using RAPD markers

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Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA markers were used to determine the genetic relationships among Turkish lentil cultivars and breeding lines. Fourteen cultivars and thirteen breeding lines were evaluated to determine genetic variability using nine random 10-mer primers (among 45 primers). Forty-one reproducible bands were obtained, 54% of which were polymorphic. Genetic distances among cultivars and breeding lines were obtained from the simple matching coefficients (SM). The lowest genetic distance was observed between the cultivars of Ali Dayi and Kafkas with 5.0%, while ‘Seyran-96’ and ‘Ozbek’ had the highest genetic distance with 58.3%. An unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic averages (UPGMA) cluster analysis was performed on the distance matrix using Phylip software. The dendrogram clearly showed two distinct groups. The first group is composed of Akm 565 and Akm 563. The second group contains all the cultivars and remaining eleven breeding lines.

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