Chromosome numbers and ploidy levels of Paspalum species from subtropical South America (Poaceae)

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Somatic chromosome numbers of 131 accessions belonging to 55 Paspalum species from subtropical South America have been determined. All species had x = 10 as a basic chromosome number, except P. almum which had x = 6. Six ploidy levels were found among species with tetraploidy as the most frequent condition. New diploid and octoploid counts were reported. For Paspalum lilloi and P.glabrinode (both 2n = 2x = 20), and for P. ellipticum, P. erianthoides, P. ovale and P. remotum (all 2n = 8x = 80) sporophytic chromosome numbers are presented for the first time. Records that differ from previously reported counts are given for the following species: P. paucifolium (2n = 2x = 20), P. ceresia (2n = 6x = 60), P. conjugatum (2n = 6x = 60), P. alcalinum (2n = 6x = 60) and P. aff. arundinellum (2n + 1 = 5x + 1 = 51). These chromosome data are discussed in light of ploidy-level variation and implications for breeding systems within and among species.

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