Determining the Components of Cohesion Using the Repertory Grid Technique

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Cohesion enhances positive workplace outcomes, including job satisfaction, team performance, and productivity. Despite the importance of cohesion, definitions, factors, and measures of cohesion are used inconsistently. For example, the contribution of both task and social cohesion has been highlighted in previous research but ignored by other researchers in cohesion. This exploratory study examined the components of cohesion using a repertory grid technique and weighted multidimensional scaling. Twenty-six participants were interviewed. Findings supported cohesion being a multidimensional construct with 6 cohesion dimensions, comprising 1 task and 5 social elements, thereby revealing some areas of overlap with previous research. There was no support for group verses individual components of cohesion. Further research is required to develop instruments to measure the 6 cohesion components. Factor analytic studies could then confirm the factor structure of cohesion.

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