PTH-019 The Effect of Three Interventions on Colonoscopy Quality Outcomes - an Exemplar for Endoscopy Units

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Kettering General Hospital’s endoscopy unit performs >1300 colonoscopies per annum (symptomatic, surveillance and bowel cancer screening).


During 2012, three interventions took place in the unit.


We have audited the effects of these interventions individually and overall.


We compared data from 2013 to 2011 to assess the impact of the intervention undertaken.


All three interventions have caused improvements in measured outcomes. Fewer patients with significant co-morbidities are undergoing colonoscopy. The bowel preparation has improved and there is a statistically significant increase in the mean dose of Klean prep taken. The changes in the number of operators undertaking colonoscopy have allowed fewer operators to do more procedures. Intuitively, practice makes perfect and this along with the other interventions has significantly improved the combined CIR of all operators from 90.21 to 94.54% (p= <0.0001).


The implementation of interventions outlined has been rewarding and is an exemplar to other endoscopy units on how to improve key quality outcomes of their colonoscopy practice.

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