PTH-025 Are endoscopists planning on adhering to BSG quality standards in upper GI endoscopy guidance

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The BSG and AUGIS recently published a position statement, ‘Quality Standards in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy’, outlining minimal standards in diagnostic gastroscopy. These new standards may represent a significant change of practice for some endoscopists and would need to be adopted by a majority to enforce change. The purpose of this survey was to determine how much of a change in practice these standards represent and to gauge the initial likely acceptance.


Six simple questions were selected from the new recommendations to determine current and future practice in a multiple choice design. A questionnaire was sent to 467 UK based endoscopists using Survey Monkey.


The response rate was 31.7%(148) and the majority(78%) of the respondents were Gastroenterologists.


Our results demonstrate that a number of the recommendations are contentious and are currently not being planned to be adopted by a significant proportion of endoscopist. Some of the recommendation such as biopsies for eosinophilic oesophagitis in the context of dysphagia are current practice for the majority of endoscopists and are planned to be adopted by the remainder. Whilst other standards such as recording inspection time for surveillance procedures and gastric antral biopsies for iron deficiency anaemia are only currently practiced in the minority and the majority are not planning to adopt. Interestingly the current adherence, planned uptake and no planned change in practice mirrored the strength of evidence behind the standard and the strength of recommendation. Such that the most contentious standards with largest percentage of endoscopists not planning to adopt had weak evidence and were weak recommendations. Whilst it is important to improve training and practice in gastrocopy and develop minimal acceptable standards this survey would suggest that standards with weak recommendation and with weak evidence may need revision.

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