PTH-059 Analysis of 140000 patients with bile duct stones presenting to english acute trusts, 2013–2016

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All adult patients with diagnosis (ICD-10) codes for alculus of bile duct with cholangitisalculus of bile duct with cholecystitisalculusofbile duct without cholangitis were used to select results from HospitalEpisode Statistics (HES) data for the years 2013/14 – 2016/17. Episodes were excluded where there were episodes with one or moreof these codes for the previous 2 financial years to censor patients already on a CBD pathway.


There were 1 40 890 patients identified, of which 91 178 (64.72%) were female Mean age at first admission was 70. Of the 1 40 890 individual patients, 1 02 072 (72%) had an emergency first admission. The incidence of cases in each year was 33,557, 35,053, 35 621 and 36 659 respectively. were performed on 48 306 patients in this cohort over the study period Of the 48 306 individuals who had an ERCP, 39 192 (65%) had only one procedure, 7105 (1%) had two procedures and 2009 (%) had three or more.


For the identified CBD cohort 60 793 holecystectomies were performed over the study period with 17 063 patients having had both an ERCP and holecystectomy.

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