Histopathology and steroid receptors in endometrial polyps of postmenopausal patients under hormone-replacement therapy

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To study the histopathology of endometrial polyps that had developed during 6-18 months of hormone-replacement therapy (HRT), and to determine the status of oestrogen and progesterone receptors in these lesions.


Retrospective study.


Fifty-five menopausal patients receiving HRT who had endometrial polyps.


Polypectomy followed by endometrial resection.


Endometrial polyps have foci of hyperplasia that do not respond to progestin in menopausal patients receiving HRT. This is associated with lack of progesterone receptors in both stroma and glands. On the other hand, oestrogen receptors are expressed in endometrial polyps.


Endometrial polyps in menopausal patients receiving HRT respond only to oestrogens but not to progestins. The unopposed oestrogenic action on polyps may favour the development of premalignant hyperplasia and carcinoma.

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