The case for better case reports….
Thirty years of hand therapy: The 2014 practice analysis
Effect of manual therapy and neurodynamic techniques vs ultrasound and laser on 2PD in patients with CTS: A randomized controlled trial
A scoping review of applications and outcomes of traction orthoses and constructs for the management of intra-articular fractures and fracture dislocations in the hand
Validation of Duruöz Hand Index in patients with tetraplegia
Development and reliability of a Turkish version of the Short Form-Joint Protection Behavior Assessment (JPBA-S)
Reproducibility: Reliability and agreement of short version of Western Ontario Rotator Cuff Index (Short-WORC) in patients with rotator cuff disorders
The inter-rater reliability of the modified finger goniometer for measuring forearm rotation
Adherence behavior in an acute pediatric hand trauma population: A pilot study of parental report of adherence levels and influencing factors
The effectiveness of orthoses in the conservative management of thumb CMC joint osteoarthritis: An analysis of functional pinch strength
Coaching of patients with an isolated minimally displaced fracture of the radial head immediately increases range of motion
Clinical Relevance Commentary in Response to: Coaching of patients with and isolated minimally displaced fracture of the radial head immediately increases range of motion
Case Report: The casting motion to mobilize stiffness technique for rehabilitation after a crush and degloving injury of the hand
Therapeutic taping for soft tissue–based digit malrotation
An alternative fabrication method of the dart thrower's motion orthosis (also known as the dart orthosis)
The challenge of the mallet orthosis: A simple solution
Mallet finger injuries—A new method to maintain distal interphalangeal joint extension
The Use of Patient-centered Outcome Measures by Hand Therapists: A Practice Survey
What is the Optimum Outcome Tool for Assessing the Upper Limb. A Comparison of 10 Different Outcome Tools
Development of a New Patient-reported Outcome to Measure Functioning and Quality of Life for People With Dupuytren Contracture
The Dash and Quick-Dash: Based on Consensus Findings for Internal Consistency and Factor Structure – Are They Suitable and Valid Outcome Measures for the Upper Limb?
Experiences of Individuals in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation With Incongruence Between Their Quickdash and Groc Scores: A Phenomenological Study
Determining Validity of Measures of Pain and Perceived Effort of Women With Hand Osteoarthritis During a Jar Opening Task
Minimal Clinical Important Difference of the Quick Disabilities of the Arm Shoulder and Hand (Quickdash) for Post-surgical Distal Radius Fractures
Effects of Surgical Treatment of Neuromas on Patient-rated Psychosocial Factors
Effect of Wrist and Inter-phalangeal Thumb Movement on Zone II Flexor Pollicis Longus Tendon Tension in a Human Cadaver Model
Pilot Study Comparing Two Early Active Motion (EAM) Regimens for Surgically Repaired Flexor Tendons, Zone I–IV, Wrist Synergistic EAM vs. Modified Belfast Static Wrist EAM.
Analysis of Factors Influencing Outcomes of Full and Partial Hand Multi-articulating Prostheses
Sonographic Measurements of Humeral Head Displacement During Posterior Shoulder Mobilizations
A Scoping Review of Applications and Outcomes of Traction Splinting for Management of Intra-articular Fractures and Fracture Dislocations in the Hand
Effects of Cross-education Training on Grip Strength
The First Dorsal Interosseus: A Dynamic Stabilizer of the Radially Subluxed Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint?
Psychometric Properties of Assessments of Scars and Scarring: A Systematic Review
How Can Joint Protection Apply to Grocery Shopping?; An Evaluation to Determine the Optimal Handle Diameter of Shopping Carts.
Concurrent Validity of Goniometric and 3D Motion Capture Measurements of the Hand and Their Effects on a Model of Finger Functionality for Clinical Assessment
Beyond the Research: An Accelerated Rehabilitation Protocol for Patients With Distal Radius Fracture Treated With Open Reduction Internal Fixation Using Volar Locking Plate, A Retrospective Review and Comparison of Outcomes With a Surgeon Directed Independent Exercise Program
Range of Motion Outcomes of an Alternative Protocol for Clostridium Histoliticum Collagenease Injection and Occupational Therapy
Comparison of the Validity of Goniometer and Visual Assessments of Angular Joint Positions of The Hand and Wrist
Adherence to a Home Exercise Program After Signing a Contract
Forearm Positioning and Its Functional Implications
The Effect of a Foam Roller Stretch on the Flexibility of the Pectoralis Minor
Figure-of-eight Measurements Show High Reliability in A Clinical Setting in Assessing Edema in Patients With Hand Injuries
Evaluation of Technology Use as a Contributor to Injury in Musicians: A Pilot Study
A Systematic Literature Review: Conservative Management of Trigger Finger
Effective Conservative Treatments for De Quervain's Tenosynovitis: A Retrospective Study
The Upper Limb Functional Index (ULFI) – A Review of Published Validation Studies Show Improved Clinimetric Properties and Recommends a Simple Format Change
Clinically Effective Conservative Treatments for Lateral Epicondylitis: A Retrospective Study
Advancements in Partial Hand Prostheses: A Case Study
Effects of a Dynamic Orthosis and a Home Exercise Program in an Individual With Claw Deformity
Effect of Restricted Motion on Performance During Wrist Specific Functional Tasks
Client Factors Affecting Adherence to CMC Orthosis Usage: A Qualitative Approach
A Pilot Comparison of Peak Hand Force in Musicians Using the Peg Retrained Intrinsic Muscle Evaluator (PRIME)
Manual Muscle Tests of the Scapular Adductors: Sonographic Measurements of the Changes in Middle Trapezius Thickness
Posterior Mobilizations of the Glenohumeral Joint: The Relationship of Force and Humeral Displacement
Changes in the Shoulder Position During Manual Muscle Testing of the Scapular Adductors: Effects on Rhomboid Thickness as Measured by Sonography
May 2016 Hand Therapy Certification Examination