17 De Novo Cardiac Rhythm Management Device Complications at 1-Year – Introducing Mortality Censoring

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Cardiac rhythm device implantation rates continue to grow, yet procedure complications are inadequately reported. Accurate reporting is necessary to generate quality standards as a benchmark for consultant revalidation. We present complication rates within the first year following de novo pacemaker (PPM), defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronisation (CRT) implant procedures. Mortality censoring is introduced as a novel method for analysing such data.


Between April 2008–March 2011, consecutive virgin PPM, ICD and CRT device implants were prospectively followed for 1 year post implant for pre-defined complications.


Results 2614 new devices were implanted. Mean patient follow-ups were 0.94, 0.98 and 0.95 years for PPM, ICD and CRT devices respectively.


Mortality at 1 year after PPM, ICD or CRT implant was 9.43%, 4.40% and 10.38%.


Complication rates for new PPM, ICD and CRT implants are 5.23%, 4.69% and 7.64% at 1-year. Censoring data for mortality aids data interpretation.

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