ASSA14-09-03 Investigate the left atrial spontaneous echo contrast in patients with atrial fibrillation by transesophageal echocardiography

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To investigate left atrial or left atrial appendage spontaneous by transesophageal echocardiography for clinical risk assessment, providing an important basis for guiding treatment and so on.


Select 113 atrial fibrillation patients who did not have formal warfarin treatment in 2011–2014 and did transesophageal echocardiography, after excluding substandard patients, 92 patients were divided into LASEC positive group (n = 63), negative group (n = 29). Analysis the clinical features and echocardiographic parameters. Evaluate the diagnostic value and results of multivariate analysis.


The study found a significant difference (p < 0.05) between the two groups in the type of AF (continuous), hypertension, left atrial diameter, left ventricular diastolic function, among the factors, persistent atrial fibrillation,left atrial inside diameter > 40 mm have a extremely significant difference (p < 0.01) hypertension. CHA2DS2-VASC score, D-dimer in plasma have a predictive value for LASEC patients with atrial fibrillation.


Patients with persistent AF have a higher LASEC incidence, 44% patients have combined with thrombosis. Factors of LASEC formation include: persistent atrial fibrillation, left atrial diameter > 40 mm, hypertension, left ventricular diastolic dysfunction; CHA2DS2-VASC score, D-dimer formation of LASEC patients have clinical predictive value, there are certain guiding significance in clinical practice.

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