ASSA14-14-05 Initial experience of occluding special type patent ductus arterioses using the Amplatzer vascular plug I

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Occluders licensed for clinical use are not fit for some special Krichenko E patent ductus arterioses (PDA). The Amplatzer vascular plug I (Plug I) has not been licensed for use for closure of PDA. We report our initial experience to occluding special type PDA with the Plug I.


Patients referred with small and long Krichenko E PDA 1–3 mm in diameter underwent occlusion using this Plug I, this is a single lobe device of single layer Nitinol mesh for short vessel landing zones. All cases underwent pre-, intra- and post-procedural echocardiography at the completion of the procedure the next day and at a 30-day follow-up visit. Device sizing for device waist diameter and length was based on aortography.


26 patients with a median age of 5 years (range 6 months – 32 years) and a median weight of 19 kg (range 7–67 kg) underwent successful PDA closure. The median ductus diameter was 2.2 mm (range 1–3 mm). Both transpulmonary (22/26) and transaortic approaches (4/26) were used. No persistent patency was observed after 24 h and one month.


The Plug I Makes it easy to close some Krichenko E PDAs. Smaller delivery catherter profile and symmetric cylindrical device shape allow for use for small and long Krichenko E PDA 1–3 mm in diameter and small patients through transaortic approaches. Broader experience is required to further delineate device and patient selection as well as to document its long-term efficacy and safety.

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