Books for Health Managers

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Four books reviewed in this issue deal with the problems of nationalized health services. Three deal with Britain (Framework and Design for Planning, By Guess or By What and Health Services in Britain 9th ed.) and one with Canada (The Income Distribution Effect of Medical Insurance in Ontario). As some sort of National Health Insurance program becomes more likely in the United States, such books, which analyze operative systems, become increasingly valuable.

Two books are concerned with day-to-day operating problems: The Guide to Retention and Preservation of Records and Hospital Computer Systems and Procedures. Health Program Evaluation is a textbook written to aid the public sector in judging among a variety of programs. Community Medicine is another textbook analyzing a concept that has just recently been defined in the United States. Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, written by architects and designers, is a true vade mecum for any organization contemplating a building or expansion program. Finally, Approaches to Planning and Design of Health Care Facilities in Developing Areas deals with building and expansion in areas of very limited resources.

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