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Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor
Hospital market share: The declining share of small players in the market
Interorganizational linkages in the health sector
Strategic, operational, and marketing concerns of product-line management in health care
Warfare or partnership: Which way for health care?
Contracts between hospitals and health maintenance organizations
An integrated inpatient management model
The case for hospital diversification into long-term care
Viewpoint: Increasing market share through selfawareness— An existential perspective
HCMR interview: Kathryn Johnson
America' Health in the Balance: Choice or Chance?
Controversy about American Hospitals: Ownership and Performance
Corporate Health-Care, Cost Management, and Private Sector Initiatives
Creating the Future of Health Care Education, 1988
Determinants of HMO Success
Managing the Hospital Sales Team
Marketing Religious Health Care
Medical Ethics: A Guide for Health Professionals
Working It Out: Sanity and Success in the Workplace
Work Stress: Health Care Systems in the Workplace