Novel endoscopic treatment of pharyngocele: Endoscopic suture pharyngoplasty

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Background.Pharyngocele or a lateral pharyngeal diverticulum (LPD) are rare lesions, which are bulgings of the pharyngeal mucosal surface through one of the weak areas of the pharynx.Methods.The external approach has been the primary surgical treatment of pharyngoceles. The purpose of this article was for us to report an endoscopic successful treatment of pharyngocele by suture pharyngoplasty.Results.Endoscopic suture pharyngoplasty does not require an external incision and hospitalization. After 3 months of abstinence from trumpet playing, the patient is back to his musical career.Conclusion.Because of the minimally invasive procedure, endoscopic suture pharyngoplasty can be performed in case of symptomatic pharyngoceles with a good result. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Head Neck 36: E78–E80, 2014

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