From Wakefulness to Sleep: Migraine and Hypnic Headache Association in a Series of 23 Patients

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We analyzed characteristics of hypnic headache (HH), migraine and the relationship between both headaches in 23 patients. HH is an uncommon primary headache characterized by exclusively sleep-related attacks. Concurrence of other headaches, mainly migraine, has been reported, but relationship between both syndromes has rarely been considered.


We prospectively collected data in a headache outpatient office from January 2008 to September 2013. Demographic data and migraine and hypnic headache mean features were assessed.


Twenty-three out of 2500 (0.92%) were diagnosed with HH or probable HH, and 16 of them (69.5%) had a history of migraine. Mean age at onset of HH and migraine was 56.2 ± 9.3 and 24.6 ± 12.2 years, respectively. In 12 cases, migraine attacks disappeared at 56.7 ± 9.8 years old. Regarding the relationship between both syndromes, in 10 patients, migraine disappeared and HH began immediately after. In 1 case there was a pain-free period, and in 5 an overlap between both headaches was registered.


A history of migraine is common in HH patients in our series. Most frequent transition pattern was an immediate change between both syndromes. Hypnic headache and migraine might share a common pathophysiological predisposition.

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