Creating political will: moving from the science to the art of health promotion
Leisure participation predicts survival: a population-based study in Finland
Evaluation of the Healthy Village Program in Kapit District, Sarawak, Malaysia
Can urban regeneration programmes assist coping and recovery for people with mental illness? Suggestions from a qualitative case study
Theory-based survey analysis of well-being in secondary schools in Finland
Two approaches to school health promotion—a focus on health-related behaviours and general competencies. An ecological study of 25 Swedish municipalities
Healthy nature healthy people: ‘contact with nature’ as an upstream health promotion intervention for populations
Healthy settings: challenges to generating evidence of effectiveness
Participation rates in worksite-based intervention studies: health promotion context as a crucial quality criterion
Advocacy for mental health: roles for consumer and family organizations and governments
Applicability and transferability of interventions in evidence-based public health
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