Ventricular Structure and Surgical History

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The Reviews report will establish guidelines that underlie why the “restoration concept” may develop a paradigm shift in thinking, by addressing the geometric underpinnings of heart failure and their evolution. This presentation will (a) show that the underlying structure of the failing dilated heart involves a cardiac architectural change from the normal elliptical shape toward a dilated spherical form, (b) define the anatomic framework of this shape change, (c) convey the functional characteristics of heart function that result from this architectural underpinning, (d) describe the pattern of CHF development, (e) indicate imaging measurement guidelines to follow as heart form adversely changes from ellipse to sphere, (f) identify how such architectural changes alter prognosis, and (g) develop a historical evolution of surgical approaches to alter form to improve function to create the background for subsequent RESTORE team reports of current restoration to treat CHF and its complications.

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