Body Image Satisfaction Among Blacks

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Satisfaction with body image is a factor related to health outcomes. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between body image satisfaction and body size perception in an urban, Black community sample in New Orleans, Louisiana. Only 42.2% of respondents were satisfied with their body image and 44.1% correctly perceived their body size. Most respondents chose an ideal image in the normal body mass index range with over half choosing an ideal image smaller than their actual size. Misperception was greatest among the heaviest respondents. Females, those who overestimated their size, those with an education beyond high school, and those who were active in order to lose weight were less likely to be satisfied (p < .001). Those who were active but not trying to lose weight were more likely to be satisfied (p < .001). This suggests that perception of and satisfaction with body size may play a role in health behavior decisions.

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