The role of the information specialist in supporting knowledge transfer: a public health information case study

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To create research bulletins for public health professionals that support knowledge transfer and evidence-based practice.


The methodology for the bulletins comprises five stages: scoping the topic, searching for relevant literature, selecting and obtaining relevant articles, assessing the quality of articles including evidence grading, producing a comment on quality and implications for practice and writing the research bulletin. An ABC—applicability, brevity and clarity—is considered at each stage to ensure that bulletins meet the needs of their intended audience.


Nine research bulletins have been produced on a range of health promotion topics. Bulletins are distributed to Welsh health professionals and are available online. The bulletins have developed since their inception to incorporate evaluation and feedback. Most significant among these developments has been introduction of an Implications for Practice section to promote uptake of research.


Research bulletins support busy health professionals in evidence-based practice by assigning a level of evidence, highlighting implications for practice and providing a comment on quality. The bulletins further develop the extended role for information professionals in knowledge transfer and dissemination.

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