Impact of previous cardiac surgery on patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation: A meta-analysis

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The objective of our meta-analysis is to evaluate the impact of previous cardiac surgery in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). We did a systemic search of databases, including Pubmed, EMBASE and Cochrane to identify relevant studies. We included studies comparing clinical outcomes in patients undergoing TAVI, with and without previous cardiac surgery. The 30 days as well as 1 year mortality was not significantly different between the two groups: 30 days (RR, 0.95; 95% CI, 0.82–1.09, I2 = 0%), 1 year (RR, 0.94; 95% CI, 0.86–1.02, I2 = 0%). The risk of acute myocardial infarction was significantly higher in patients with previous cardiac surgery and the risk of major vascular complications was lower in patients with previous cardiac surgery. Our meta-analysis suggests that the presence of previous cardiac surgery does not impair outcomes after TAVI, making this subset of patients particularly applicable for this evolving approach.

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