Age and gender influences on the needs, concerns and strategies of CABG caregivers

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Caring for coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery patients can be challenging. No studies have explored caregiver burden by age and gender.


To describe age and gender-specific concerns, needs and strategies during the first 3 months.


Themes for burden concerns, needs and strategies were derived from interviews of 32 CABG caregivers using constant comparative analysis.


Age-specific themes related to motivating exercise (<70), applying support hose, and self-reliance (>70). Gender-specific themes related to incision worries and transportation (all females); regulating blood sugars, vital sign anxiety, hurrying back, reinforcing healthy behaviors, and being there (females <70); meal planning, coordinating appointments, and anger over self-care reminders (females >70); caregiver relief, inconsistent information, and doing it all (all males); upsetting scars (males <70), and lost sleep (male >70).


Future research should validate concerns in diverse samples so interventions can be targeted to support male and female caregivers by age groups.

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