Diabetes mellitus prevalence in patients with takotsubo syndrome: the case of the brain-heart disconnect

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Hyperactive autonomic nervous system (ANS) is among the postulated pathophysiologic mechanisms of takotsubo syndrome (TTS). Diabetes mellitus (DM) with its associated ANS peripheral neuropathy could exert a “protective” influence for the emergence of TTS.


A patient-based meta-analysis of the data obtained from all patients presented individually was carried out, focusing on age, gender, and history of hypertension (HTN) and DM.


The prevalences of HTN and DM for all 2,342 patients, aged 61.1 ± 17.3, 85.1% female, were 37.4% and 9.5%, for patients ≥ 60 years old were 45.8% and 11.7%, and for patients ≥65 years old were 48.2% and 12.3%, correspondingly. The prevalence of DM in patients with TTS is less than half of the world's and USA's elderly populations.


Prevalence of DM in patients with TTS is lower than in the general population, suggesting that DM, may have a “protective” effect for the emergence of TTS.

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