Patient activation with respect to advanced heart failure therapy in patients over age 65 years

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Background:Clinical and ethical issues persist in determining candidacy for advanced heart failure (HF) therapies in elderly patients. Selection takes many factors into account, including “activation” (engagement and ability to self-manage).Objective:To investigate effects of age, activation, and depression/anxiety on selection and 6-month survival of participants considered for therapy.Methods:Consecutive people referred for advanced HF therapy completed the Patient Activation Measure and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. We analyzed data from participants by age (≥65 vs. <65 years), stratified by approval for therapy.Results:Among 168 referred, 109 were approved, with no difference in activation between age groups (88% highly activated). Similarly, activation was not associated with age among those not approved. Activation was related to anxiety in older, approved participants, but not to depression.Conclusions:Concerns regarding reduced self-management in the elderly may not be valid. Age alone should not disqualify a candidate for advanced HF therapy.

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