Comparison of attitudes towards prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy for haemophilia in Iran and Italy

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Prenatal diagnosis (PND) is an important issue in the comprehensive care of haemophiliacs. As a consequence of technological progress made in the field of PND, the early detection of an affected fetus provides the expectant couple with a chance to terminate pregnancy. This study was undertaken to assess the attitudes of two different haemophilic populations in Iran and Italy towards PND and termination of pregnancy. This study series included 59 Iranians (38 haemophilia A patients and 21 mothers) and 50 Italians (27 haemophilia A patients, 16 mothers and seven fathers). All the 109 participants received a questionnaire including demographic characteristics and evaluating the psychological effects stemming from PND and termination of pregnancy. Approximately 84.7% of the Iranians and 35.4% of the Italians were not familiar with the possibilities afforded by PND for haemophilia (P < 0.001). Termination of pregnancy appeared to be accepted by 58.2% of the Iranian and 16.7% of the Italian participants (P < 0.001). The greater rate of acceptability of abortion in Iranians may be due to differences in the quality of patient care in the two countries.

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