Clinical efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic properties of the plasma-derived factor IX concentrate Haemonine® in previously treated patients with severe haemophilia B

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Plasma-derived factor IX (FIX) concentrate remains an important choice for replacement therapy in haemophilia B patients. Haemonine® is a high purity double-virus inactivated human plasma-derived coagulation FIX concentrate (pdFIX). Aim was to evaluate the clinical efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic properties of Haemonine in three prospective, open-label uncontrolled studies and a compassionate use program in previously treated patients with severe haemophilia B. Long-term efficacy and safety were investigated in 29 patients treated prophylactically and, in addition, treatment on-demand (TOD) in the case of acute haemorrhage. Pharmacokinetic properties were assessed in 14 patients at baseline and after 3 months of regular treatment. Pharmacokinetic parameters were in accordance with published data and remained nearly unchanged over time, notably recovery and half-life. Mean terminal elimination half-life was 27.6 h and 25.0 h, mean incremental recovery (IU dL−1/IU kg−1) was 1.55 and 1.60, at baseline and 3 months, respectively. Haemonine was shown to be effective in preventing and controlling bleeds. 55.2% (16/29) of patients were free of bleeds under prophylaxis. 38 haemorrhages occurred, 42% (16/38) required treatment and 87.5% (14/16) resolved after a single infusion, 12.5% after 2 infusions. All responses reported on haemorrhages were rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Moreover, ‘excellent’ haemostatic efficacy was demonstrated in 12 surgeries with no complications. Few adverse events (AEs) and no thrombogenic complication, nor induction of FIX inhibitory antibodies were observed. Haemonine is effective, safe and well tolerated in long-term prophylaxis, TOD and when applied after minor and major surgeries.

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