Haemophilia treatment in 2030

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Looking into the future is difficult and sometimes hazardous. A reliable look into haemophilia treatment in 2030 should be based on history and contemporary progress as well as dilemmas. Today, the issue of inhibitors overshadows the entire haemophilia community together with lack of treatment for large parts of the world's persons with haemophilia.


The aim of this paper was to provide a perspective on haemophilia treatment in 2030 and its provenance.


Literature review on history, treatment of haemophilia today as well as of emerging therapies give a base for the author's opinion on haemophilia treatment in 2030.


Development of haemophilia treatment has virtually exploded during the last decade and a number of new clotting factor concentrates and alternative approaches are in the pipeline.


The collection of treatment resources that we can see on the horizon gives hope that each person with haemophilia will get the care needed in 2030. The products used will be directed by individual needs and tailored to regional and local situations.

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