Medical co-morbidities of patients with haemophilia: pain, obesity and hepatitis C

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Clinical care of patients with haemophilia (PWH) has progressed rapidly over the past decade. Current therapy has allowed patients with haemophilia to live longer and many patients are now experiencing the co-morbidities of the general population. In this review article, we focus on three common diseases states that affect PWH: chronic pain, obesity and hepatitis C. Pain has been a co-morbidity for many years and PWH often have unusual needs for chronic pain relief compared to the general population. Obesity is not only increasing in the general population but also in patients with hereditary bleeding disorders. The co-morbidity of obesity not only causes increased pain progression and joint damage but also affects the dosing of factor concentrates. Finally, hepatitis C is known to have infected the majority of patients who received non-virally inactivated pooled factor concentrates in the past. New treatment regimens have been developed that allow the nearly uniform cure of chronic hepatitis C with a short course of oral medications.

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