Effect of Sodium Thiosulfate on the Kinetics of Electron–Ion Processes in Powdered Silver Chloride

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The results of a microwave photoconductivity study on the effect of pretreatment of a silver chloride powder with sodium thiosulfate (STS) aqueous solutions on the kinetics of electron–ion processes in silver chloride are reported. At an UV light fluence of <1014 photon/cm−2 per pulse, photoresponse decay after the end of the pulse consisted of two exponential components over the entire concentration range 10−8–10−2 mol STS/mol AgCl examined. The amplitude of the components and the ratio between the slow τs and fast τf components depended on the sodium thiosulfate concentration, which was due to the formation of an additional number of “new” electron traps in AgCl. An analysis of the kinetics in terms of models taking into account various types of decay of an excess electron made it possible to obtain data on the depth of both “old” traps (0.45 eV) and new STS-created traps (0.45–0.63 eV) in AgCl.

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